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Motorized Roller Shades
Motorized Roller Shade


Motorized rolling shades are available in a wide range of color and opacity options including sunscreen, light filtering, and blackout fabrics. Each material is flame resistant. Choose our standard top-down configuration or DEL's exclusive bottom-up solution.Electric Roller Shades also enhances the look of your home or office.

A variety of housing styles allow the fabric to roll up and disappear for a clean and sleek look. These valances are available in white, stainless, bronze, and black finishes or they can be custom colored to match your walls. Our 4" fascia contains a small concealed brush which allows the shade to clean itself with every use.

For bedroom or home theatre projects we recommend our 100% blackout systems. Gain total control of your lighting environment with DEL's optional side channels (the fabric slides in the channel to eliminate light from penetrating from the sides), top back cover (installs behind (at the top) the shade and eliminates any light that can penetrate from the rear), and sill angle (installs on the window sill to eliminate light from uneven sills).

Also, try out our elegant motorized window shades and motorized blinds to experience the difference in your home/office.

IR (Infrared)
IR systems are a great solution for large or total home projects. These systems have the option of wired and wireless controls.

Radio systems are an excellent choice for projects where wiring capabilities are limited. These systems give the user the added convenience of 100% complete wireless control.

This system can be integrated with most brands of automation, audio/video, and whole house control systems. Available integration options include RS232, Contact Closure, Universal Remote Controls, and Ethernet.

Our motorized roller shade systems are available in a variety of power options:

Battery operated systems are ideal for projects where running wires are difficult or unavailable. Our battery systems have been uniquely manufactured to not only allow for longer battery life, but increased shade sizes as well. Through years of development, we are able to offer a higher quality battery operated system then many found in the industry today which means getting “more bang for your buck”. This system operates from AA Lithium batteries.

AC systems operate at 110VAC-120VAC and can be hardwired or plugged into a standard wall outlet. This system is a great fit for almost any project because of it wide variety of options and strength. Increased flexibility allows for side-by-side shades to be coupled together to help cut project costs.

Low-Voltage (DC)
Low-voltage systems operate at 12VDC-24VDC and can be hardwired or plugged into a standard wall outlet with the use of a transformer. These systems are ideal for projects with limited mounting area or smaller sized treatments.

Sivoia (QED, QS, QS Wireless)
Click here to view our Lutron website for product details

Comfort Control Systems
Our Comfort Control Systems are in one word, quieter. The focal point of any motorized system should always be on the added comfort and controlled convenience of the system, and never the ambient noise. Our Comfort Control line of motors are manufactured by such companies as Somfy and ESI and are available for our AC and low-voltage projects.
There are three major categories for shade fabrics; Sunscreen, Privacy, and Blackout.

Sunscreen fabric allows you to block a majority of the sunlight while still allowing you to see outside the window. How much visibility and sunlight you allow can be adjusted by changing the opacity of the fabric.

Privacy fabrics will still allow sunlight to come in, but will limit visibility to shadows and outlines of figures.

Blackout fabric will eliminate any visibility or light from passing through the material.

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